Just as we are entering the never ending work that comes with summer, there is some exciting news to announce and not just for us!

We acquired a new mare from the esteemed Koteusi-stam. Her name is Upereusa (Quick Star-Concorde-Ramiro-Le Mexico) Quick Star really needs no introduction. He has beyond proven himself as a top competitor and producer. What is most impressive however is her direct mareline (not even mentioning the MANY sport horses and super producers from Koteusi). So breathlessly, here is how her pedigree stacks up. Uppy's dam Pereusa (elite, 1.30m) stems back to the phenomenal mare Brigitte (ster, pref, prest, 1.20m). With her previous owner before Piet Keys, she had 2 Burggraaf offspring who jumped 1.35/1.40m, including daughter, Heidi (keur, sport, pref). Brigitte also gave from Concorde the international jumper Re Mexico. Heidi produced Hors la Loi II daughter Zereusa S (elite, sport, 1.40m). Another Brigitte daughter and granddam of our Upereusa is Katinka (keur, pref, prest, 1.20m). Katinka had the Heartbreaker daughter Tereusa (sport, 1.50m). Tereusa's son, Edoctro (v. Indoctro) jumps 1.50m in Italy. But Katinka comes out yet: Zidam de Revel (v. Quidam de Revel) at 1.30m and Pereusa elite (v. Concorde) at 1.30m, Colord HS (v. Lord Z) at 1.35m, Goteus S (v. Ustinov), Umareusa S (v. Quick Star), and Voltaire S (v. Voltaire) who were all selected for the foal auctions of Limburg. There came also Derusa S elite (v. Numero Uno), Gereusa S elite (v. Ustinov), and others. Katinka's other Heartbreaker daughter, Sereuza (sport, elite, 1.40m) is the grandmother of Broken Heart (v. Concorde) and Corleone (v. Vincenzo) who were competitors at 1.40m. The full sister of Brigitte, Ferusa, came Piet Keys end. Ferusa produced the international jumper New Mexico (v. Burggraaf), 1.45m jumper Amareusa S (v. Baloubet du Rouet), 1.35m jumper Pieter (v. Lord Z), and 1.35m jumper Arusa S (v. Berlin). The KWPN inspection topper, Etoulon VDL (v. Toulon-also from the Koteusi-stam), comes from Utareusa (v. Calvados). He scored as a 4 year old with good results in the stallion competition. Etoulon was also bred by Piet Keys. Lastly, Utareusa also brought the 1.35m competitor Atureusa (v. Padinus).

Miss Ele (Obsession van't Ruytershof, Canaletto-Carthago-Renomee, stamm 104b) was confirmed in foal with a 30 day heart beat to I'm Special de Muze (Emerald-Nabab de Reve-Chin Chin). SO super excited about this one, and yes, it will be 100% gray ;).

Another exciting thing happened this past week. Tryon International Equestrian Center hosted its biggest FEI class yet, a CSI4* with $210,000 at stake. The turnout was HUGE and so thrilling to see that many people from the surrounding area coming to watch our sport and enjoying every bit of it! If you didn't get to see it in person, NBC Sports filmed it for televised viewing! Not to mention American Pharoah topped the night off with a Triple Crown win! What an incredible experience, I still have goosebumps thinking about it.

On a side note - Eliza (Elize van de Broekkant, Clinton-Darco-Praefectus xx) underwent colic surgery to correct a large colon torsion with small colon toxicity. I am pleased to say after 1 month exactly today she is looking spectacular all things considering and we are very much hoping for a full recovery in the future. Her colt, Patient Munny (v. Canturo), is growing like a weed and has so much personality and is a little bundle of joy. Such a sweet little guy - and is already showing he is going to jump big jumps one day just like his Olympian parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents did.

PS, we are planning on breeding Uppy to Diamant de Semilly by the end of June/beginning of July with luck. So stay tuned!


New Edition at MSS

The crew at Muny Sunk are proud to welcome our newest edition to the family, Patient Munny (Canturo - Clinton - Darco). "Roger" is a tall colt with legs for miles and the sweetest personality. He is one of the smartest foals we've personally dealt with which has made our lives very easy! Roger was born on April 28, 2015 at 22:30 after a very uncomplicated birth and was standing and nursing very soon after without any help from us. Mom is doing great and couldn't be more pleased with her new healthy boy - as are we! Can't wait to see this little guy grow up into the talent he will become.

This is a very special one and will be offered for sale to a home that will produce his full potential.


Currently Current

As the 2015-2016 breeding season begins, some updates are in order after all the changes that have occurred since 2014. She Can Dance was retired from breeding for good last year after multiple unsuccessful breeding attempts, later to find out the reason for this was cushings. 'Sammy' is now playing role of alpha mare and enjoys spending her time watching over all the horses on the farm. Especially her (and my) beloved mares. Shakira was also unsuccessful from her breeding attempts as she has been slowly developing COPD over the last 4 or 5 years so she was sold back to Florida to live out the rest of her days allergy free. Hopefully we will see a few more babies from her there. We also rescued 3 miniature horses to bring some joy to the farm after the recent disappointments. An entire new fence and run in shed later, they have happily made themselves at home here. In the competition ring, I started showing again after 3 years of dealing with shoulder injuries (which later had surgery for) on our wonderful hunter mare New Orleans. Fortunately for me, she did all the work to earn multiple champions, classic wins, etc in just a few short weeks. Our coming 5 year old Carvalla Real played in the puddle jumpers for the first time in the fall of 2014 and the way she performed, you'd never guess it was her first show ever. It was a very successful show season for us, even with the late start. But now, on to bigger news.

Last fall we acquired 2 more wonderful mares to add to our program.

Zalesgirl 'keur' (Indoctro-Voltaire-Joost-Rigoletto-Albatros)

This is an exceptional quality mare with exceptional breeding. 'Zia' or fondly called 'Z Girl' is by Indoctro who needs no introduction. He is a fantastic stallion and one of the staples of VDL breeding in Holland. He is represented by hundreds of offspring excelling at the highest of sport and breeding.

That's not where the breeding aspect gets interesting though, For that, we must look at her damline. She stems from the prominent Dutch family 161 where you can find horses such as Team Bronze Olympian, 2 time European Championship silver medalist, and 4th individual WEG competitior, No Mercy. You will also find 1.60m competitors Ribo Dandy and licensed stallion, Justice (ex. Jack-a-Dandy). These horses, including Zia, are all directly survived by the foundation mare Chancy 'ster'. From there we find daughter Pasja and granddaughter Ubiena 'prestatie'. Ubiena is the most prominent of Zia's lineage. Ubiena is dam of 16 foals of which over half of them are competing at 1.30m and higher. Some of the progeny include the breeding stallion Justice and Ribo Dandy as well as prestatie mare Elien and sport mare Kwartaire, Zia's dam. If that isn't enough, Kwartaire competed very successfully on the North American grand prix circuit and had many placings at venues like Spruce Meadows before settling down to have 2 fabulous foals. Last but not least, our special Z Girl competed in the 1.20m with an amateur rider and proved her rideability at the KWPN Keuring Tour in 2011 by placing 4th in the country for her IBOP test and earning herself both Ster and Keur predicates during the inspection. Zia was purchased in foal to Quite Easy (Quidam de Revel-Landgraf I-Capitano) and is due July 2015. PS - We think it's a filly foal.

Obsession van't Ruytershof (Canaletto-Carthago-Renomee-Chamisso-Corvado)

Obsession or 'Ele' is a blue blood Holsteiner Verband approved MMP AHHA mare imported from Europe. Ele was originally imported to be a high junior amateur jumper, but an injury on the flight over ended that possibility and continued her career in breeding. Ele is by the Holsteiner stallion Canaletto (Cantus-Rasputin-Fabulus) who was ridden at the top of sport by Charlotte Velin. Even with limited numbers of offspring, he was a successful sire. Siring over 15 horses in sport over 1.30m and 2 licensed stallions, Carus and Samy du Reverdy, his legacy remains strong in Holstein breeding.

Ele is from the Holstein stamm 104b. Not the highly regarded 104a stamm, but its smaller cousin. This family has a small amount of horses, but that's not to say this family hasn't produced quality horses. You can find approved stallions such as Cyrus, Dorfjunker, Falke, Ganove, Gastronom, Hofrat, Horrido, Leopard, Lotharlo, Matthias, Meller, Moritz, Victor, Wrangler, and Young Burlington. Talk about a mouthful. Ele herself has made a name for her direct lineage. However, this does not only start with her, but her 3rd dam, hauptstutbuch Alemannia. Alemannia is responsible for the staatsprämie mare Oksana II, bezirksprämie mare, Romania, hauptstutbuch mare, Holsatia II, and Europa IV, Geseves finalist and granddam of Ele. Europa IV produced only one known foal, Kirby (ex. Cathleen IV), who competed internationally at 1.40m under Irishman Nathan Rose after producing Ele as a 4 year old. Ele herself competed at 1.45m in Europe after having 2 foals of her own. Celebration van't Ruytershof (s. Quidam de Revel) and full sibling, Desire van't Ruytershof. Desire went on to sport and is now competing with a Venezuelan amateur rider in 1.40m classes. Celebration was retained for a career in breeding. So far, Celebration has had 4 foals and one on the way by Grand Slam for 2015. LF Quithago Z (s. Querlybet Hero) was sold to Argentina as a stallion prospect and is competing 1.30-1.40m with his current owner. Bellefleur PS Z (s. Berlin) was sold to Switzerland and is competing in young horse classes. Celebration's 3rd and 4th foals by Crowntano Z were sold at the Zangersheide Quality Auction during the Z Festival in 2013 and 2014. 2014 filly, Chique PS Z, scored an impressive 32.34 points in the Z Foal Championships, earning her a respectable 16th place out of all the fillies. Aside from the two foals born in Europe, Ele has had 4 more beautiful, modern-type foals Stateside. Carmenta TW (s. Cortilo), Cassan TW (s. Cassiano), Cesar TW (s. Candillo Junior), and Cleopatra TW (s. Candillo Junior. The oldest born, Carmenta and Cassan, are ready to begin their careers in sport.

Desire vh Ruytershof
Celebration vh Ruytershof
Carmenta TW
Cassan TW
Cassan TW
Cesar TW
Cesar TW
Cleopatra TW
Cleopatra TW
2nd Progeny
LF Quithago Z
Bellefleur PS Z
Conquest PS Z
Conquest PS Z
Chique PS Z

If you've managed to read through all of this talk about breeding, then you'll know we've gotten to the very important update. Through the constant search for stallions to add to our repertoire, I am EXTREMELY happy to announce that we have obtained the last Mr. Blue semen to ever be sold in North America.

That being said, Zia will be bred to Mr. Blue in early 2016 and all our fingers, toes, legs, and arms are crossed that she gives us our special keeper filly.

Last but not least, final breeding plans for 2015 are as follows:
  • Toulon-Elize vd Broekkant (Clinton-Darco)
  • I'm Special de Muze-Obsession vh Ruytershof

Elize vd Broekkant
Elize vd Broekkant
I'm Special de Muze
I'm Special de Muze
Obsessoin vh Ruytershof
Obsession vh Ruytershof


Starting Again

This is our blogspot to keep you updated on our current happenings and news from around the farm and for new sales and breeding updates as well.

It looks like things are turning around for us. We've had a streak of bad luck these last few years and it has certainly taken a toll on not only us but the horses and MSS crew as well. This past year, Shakira tragically lost a beautiful colt by Contendro I, and that has been a lot for all of us to come back from - physically and mentally. It seems when you put so much time and effort into these foals, you already have a vested interest even before they are born and when something happens like this, it takes a lot out of you. Not to mention the mare! We were, however very fortunate that Shakira walked away alive and healthy, for which we are extremely thankful in light of such a terrible situation.

For 2014, we will back in the game again with 3 mares being bred in the spring. Since the colt Shakira produced this past year was so lovely, we wanted to try again for another Contendro I in hope to reproduce this excellent cross. On the up and coming we have our Clinton - Darco and Diarado - Chesapeake mares.


Kicking off the New Year with blues

The beginning of the season has been nothing short of triumphant for us as New Orleans made her debut at HITS Ocala in the Baby Green Hunters, cleaning out the blue ribbons as she went. With two champions and a well earned reserve circuit champion (only off the leader by a mere few points) already notched into her belt at just the beginning of the season, we cannot wait to see what she has in store next! Be sure to check out videos of her winning rounds on our website. New Orleans is now enrolled in the USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program and has already qualified for the finals in Kentucky with multiple wins and high placings under her belt in just a few short weeks. New Orleans is for sale and will card as a small when measured.


A successful day at the BWP Keuring hosted by Spy Coast Farm

It has been a long road to get us where we are, but let that not stop us on this incredible journey. To add to the list of things Shakira has accomplished in her career as show horse and broodmare, she was accepted into the BWP Main Mare Book as the second highest scoring mare in her class with an impressive 80 - which by the breed's standards is exceptional. Her scores along with her extensive track record rewarded her with Elite status on site. We were also ecstatic that her first foal, MS MsKinna, earned herself First Premium with a healthy score of 75. Another pleasant surprise was our little mare, She Can Dance. She received the white rosette with a score of 76 to settle into fourth place, two spots behind Shakira. Her colt MS Malachai impressed the judges and the spectators with his powerful, floating trot which earned him a whopping 42 out of 50 points for movement alone with an overall score of 79. He too was awarded First Premium status. Overall, a very exciting and successful day for Muny Sunk!


A bright future for a handsome colt

Born 4.15.12 at 3:40 AM, we were all shocked to see the size of the colt Chunky produced by Cassini II. At first the general consensus was that this big foal was a filly, but was quickly realized that she was in fact a he! It was obvious that even just minutes old, that this foal had correct conformation. MS H Cassini Boy took the best from both sides - his straight legs, good bone and muscle with a lot of expression. He will really be a head turner. We expect him to not only have the scope for the jumper ring, but also the movement and mindset to go far in the hunter ring as well.